The Winter Solstice

The winter solstice is upon us. We have been deepening into the dark time for weeks and we have many yet to go. The sense of burrowing, slowing, a dying back and returning into the depths walks with us this time of year.  

And yet, the solstice marks the returning of the light. Even as we are in the shortest day of the year, and the night is   dark and long, the light begins to rise. The solstice always makes me think of Hexagram 24 of the I Ching: The Return.

The Return speaks to the rising light, but also of turnaround, of making way for new energy to come in. It’s a time of stillness, when we need to rest in preparation for the rising energy to come. We step into the eternal cycles of nature as darkness begins its return to light.

The solstice invites us to turn within to our inner light, to the depths of our own being where we see our connection to the All. It is the point of light in darkness, the seed of our relationship to the cosmic forces of life itself.

As we enter the solstice days, and the darkness reaches its deepest point, remember the light always returns.

Winter governs the water element, or Zhi. It is the dormant season, when all life force burrows deep in the bosom of the earth. It is a gestational time of replenishing the wellspring of life so that when spring comes, the gathering energy will burst forth with new growth. The Zhi, or spirit of kidney energy, connects to the unified field of consciousness and our instinct to perpetuate life and “surthrive”. It gives us courage to ally ourselves with what the Chinese refer to as the Tao (the “Way” or primordial nature of the Universe) and our innate wisdom.

Wherever you are, wishing you great blessings for the solstice, and for the return of our collective light.

 Safe travels and happy holidays!