Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing

Healing the Wounds Within and Restoring Power

Energy medicine and shamanic healing are the oldest tools for healing known to humanity, and have been in existence for over 100,000 years. This work integrates both traditional and essential core techniques that can be applied to contemporary life. Stress, trauma, and illness can all impact us physically, mentally and spiritually, and this healing is designed to restore integrity to the human energy field.

Extraction Healing

Involves seeing and sensing invasive, stuck energies that can cause illness and pain (both physical and spiritual) and removing them. From a shamanic perspective, when we carry intrusive energy that does not belong to us, our spiritual power is compromised.

Soul Retrieval

Addresses restoring lost or misplaced spiritual power and life force energy, generally caused by a trauma, illness or other life event. The client is re-empowered, reconnected to his or her spiritual essence and the consequence is greater well being, balance and wholeness.

Transmutation and Transfiguration

An energy technique that works with the power of divine light. The client is bathed in and surrounded by light with the intention of restoring wholeness.

Psychopomp, Death and and the Sacred Art of Dying

These techniques assist in the safe passage of a patient who is transitioning, and can also help with situations where a person has died but not fully crossed over.

Medicine for the Earth and Working With the Spirits of Nature

These sessions are typically held outdoors (or with access to nature) and implement ancient mystical healing techniques to transform our energetic imprint on the planet. Clients learn how to connect with the deep wisdom and heartbeat of nature and integrate transformational energy into their daily lives.