Jen is an incredible combination of therapist, nutritionist, seer, and healer.For over a decade, we have worked together to navigate monumental and everyday life challenges. It has been a blessing to have a deep ally that always tells the truth, even when it is hard to hear. The balance of reflection, visioning, revision, and growing my personal wellness practice has had a profound impact on my outlook towards my own life, my ability to make changes and my faith in the resources around me. I am grateful for the healing and learning that has been available to me through Jen's commitment to a deeper possibility for all her clients.

Trishala - NYC

I was certain I was a lost cause and didn't think that anyone could help me.  I knew I liked Jen within seconds of meeting her, but I had no idea just how truly helpful she would turn out to be. A couple of years later I can honestly credit her with saving my life in more ways than one. She walked with me through some very dark times, never flinching, and never ever giving up on me.  I am so thankful for her unconventional but amazingly effective methods to help me find my way. I don’t know where I'd be if I had never walked into her office. Jen is incredible at what she does and I cannot sing her praises enough.

VK - New York City

Jen has guided my energy to a place far past expectations and definition. After she found my younger self in a soul retrieval journey and breathed that energy into my heart, I've had a deep connection with the person I always knew I was and could be. I am as silly, creative, and present as ever. I lost myself for years and felt loads of anxiety for years. Jen's wise words, knowledge in nutrition, and shamanic practices guided my soul out of darkness and to the NEXT LEVEL. When I first met Jen, she immediately recognized my energy and gave me tools to battle the darkness dwelling inside me. It's been over a year or so seeing Jen regularly and I couldn't have asked for a more wise or skilled guide. I wish everyone could meet Jen and find what they wish.

Maks - Laguna Beach, California

Jen is highly intuitive and got to the point without being pushy. This is very difficult to do and I felt secure and safe exploring with her and doing ‘the work’. I deeply appreciate her style and dedication to her clients. When I began working with Jen I felt lost without hope and Jen gave me the tools to dig myself out of a hole and build the life I've dreamed of for myself.

Julie - New York City

My work with Jen has been instrumental in my personal growth.
Her holistic approach was foreign to me at the time we started working together around 2006.
Never had I thought such non tradtional guidance would be something I would embrace.
Over a decade later I can continue to say it was the right choice to embrace her.
She is kind, understanding and hard to shock.
Certainly take the risk and allow her to guide you towards your goals.

George S - New York City

Jen and I met in 2011 through my seeking to partner with someone to address nutrition and mind/heart healing connected to sensitivities with disordered eating. I felt drawn to her integrating body, spirit, and nutrition into wholeness and wellness and these really have marked the entire course of our work. My feeling and thoughts of Jen: Present. Accepting. Intelligent. A listener sharing a spirit-centered, fair, realistic voice to communicate with through difficulties, hurdles, sadnesses, joys. I’m in full gratitude for the respect and love Jen meets clients with. So naturally and so many times, our work together has unraveled areas I felt stuck in and nourished my starting to embody wholeness in my soul, body, needs, voice, thoughts, environment. Jen is a dear partner in healing and growing. I feel a vast sacredness about knowing and working with her.

Rebecca Schanna – Capistrano Beach, California

Jen, thank you for encouraging me to open my baggage and look more closely at what I am carrying....I know that it takes a lot of courage to receive whatever appears at our doorsteps; sickness, health, poverty, wealth, sorrow and joy. I know in my heart that I must welcome it all and get to know it all. I know that my perspective has been very limited, that I've been hoping to get what I want and fear losing what I have. I'm chasing a cycle that's not bringing happiness, and I've let my feelings of fear harden into a grasping and negative situation that feels very wrong. I now know that I can expand...cultivate compassion and equanimity by catching and practicing staying with my soft, tender spots, and connecting with others who are feeling similar confusion and suffer as I do, hooked by hope and fear.  Now, I'm beginning to understand the lion heart!   Thank you so so much!

Debbie - New York City