Thoughts on Healing

Soul retrieval is one of the most powerful healing modalities I've encountered in decades of study, and I've seen extraordinary shifts unfold for people. 

The whole concept is that when we experience trauma -and we all do, in some form- parts of our soul essence, our power, split off from us and go on a species of walkabout. Essence cannot die, so it's not about resurrecting something, it's truly retrieving it and bringing it home. In traditional cultures, if a person went into shock or trauma they were brought to the village medicine person immediately and the whole village would come to facilitate healing. Here in the west, we walk around for decades with old wounds that are not healed. Talk therapy can be highly effective and can only go so far. Shamanic healing lives in the land beyond language.

What it looks like is different for each individual. A few things are consistent: we look for soul parts that are ready and willing to be restored, and we go back as far as we can. Sometimes multiple parts appear, sometimes just one. Often a power animal or spirit ally will accompany the healing. Power animals are energy given form and walk with us as sources of protection, strength and discernment. It's important for you to know that you are a full participant in your healing. This isn't simply done to you. The work for you begins after the soul retrieval. Nature will always fill a vacuum, so when we are split from our own power, something will come to take its place. In the weeks and months following, you will need to pay attention to what changes you may need to make in your life to make room for this essence to truly land. What's been restored needs to be rewoven into the fabric of you, back into your life force . We are not retrieving trauma, we are retrieving power. Everyone's experience is different; sometimes it doesn't feel like much in the moment, sometimes it's highly emotional, sometimes people are very quiet and a little tired afterwards. All of it is normal, and all of it is moving. What I can say, unequivocally, is that if you support your own healing, you will become more of YOU, landing more fully in the shoes you were meant to walk in.

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