Thoughts On Leaving The Old Year and Entering The New

Here we are in the deep, dark stillness of winter. The days surrounding the winter solstice and going towards the New Year are a time of joy, sadness and hope, death and rebirth for me. The veil between worlds is gossamer thin, and a reminder of how precious and sacred life is.

What an amazing time to be alive! This year has been so full of changes, crises and incredible openings it almost makes me dizzy. There have been moments along the way when I have been disheartened, yet there is so much richness in the midst of it all that all I can do is say thank you.

Thank you for the gift of life, and this incredible human journey we are on.

What would your life look like if you let go of whatever it is that keeps you shrink-wrapped in smallness? What are you grateful for that is working in your life? What have your triumphs been, no matter how small they may seem? I don't believe in New Year's resolutions, but I believe deeply in the causes we make. What would it look like to nourish yourself more deeply? What would it look like to listen to the call of your dreams, even if that call “broke the rules”? What would it look like to believe in the power of your own life and actually trust it enough to take that first step?

This has been a tough year, this one. We have collectively been challenged to the core as we witnessed the consequences of terrible mistakes we have made as a species, and yet we have had the extraordinary opportunity to participate in our own evolution. We have ridden the waves of sometimes-violent deconstruction -of systems, relationships, homes, and lives- and have also been given windows of tremendous spiritual ascension. We have been deeply shaken and uplifted. We have been called to live from our hearts' wisdom more than our pockets' motivation. We have the chance to step into a new dream, one of our own creation, that asks the most of us but also honors the best in us.

With love and best wishes for an expansive new year.