I am a seamstress of souls.

A healer through and through, trained in the arts of shamanic alchemy, energy medicine and intuitive reading and diagnosis.

A spiritual warrior and mentor.

Classically trained chef, gardener, gatherer and grower of herbs.

Dedicated explorer. 

Certified integrative counselor, holistic nutritionist, author, and passionate wellness advocate.

Lifelong intuitive.

My philosophy embraces the concept that with awareness, commitment and assistance, we are each capable of healing ourselves. The work encompasses profound compassion with an invitation to look deeper into what is beyond the conspicuous realms of seeing. I believe that our greatest healing happens in the space beyond words, in the deep and connected knowing of the heart.

Educated in the US and abroad, the world is my classroom. An ardent lifelong learner, my studies also include training in shamanic alchemy and healing with Sandra Ingerman; the Foundation For Shamanic Studies; Alberto Villoldo;  Thea Robertshaw; and the head of the Mexihka Medicine Council, Tzen Tzatzoehetzin. Advanced Training in Mind Body Medicine, CMBM; Guide to Whole Foods and Healing, the New York Times Company.